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"What are the dimensions of the Door Sentinel?"

The Door Sentinel is manufactured from high strength 14 gauge cold-rolled steel and a hard white enamel-like finish.

Length: 27"

Depth: 1 3/4" - The part that covers the interior section of the door frame on the door knob side  

Steel thickness: Approximately 1/16" (14 gauge steel)

Hardware: 9 -3.5" titanium mounting screws

Also included are six 3" titanium screws to reinforce the door hinges  


"Can the Door Sentinel be installed on French doors and double doors?"

Yes. You mount the Door Security Pro on the stationary door. Note: Make sure the stationary door is WELL secured and if it's not, you can easily add "surface bolts" (available at most any hardware store) to the top and bottom of the stationary door to make it very secure.


"Does the Door Sentinel work on doors with sidelights (small windows beside the door)?"

Yes. We specifically address this issue by including 2.5" screws when requested for these unique applications.


"Is the mounting hardware included?"

Yes. All installation hardware is included as well as longer screws to reinforce the door hinges to the door frame.


"What if my door knob latch and deadbolt spacing is not the standard 5.5" to 6" distance?

You simply drill a new hole in the correct location to accommodate your deadbolt or use the existing knockout panels. Please refer to our installation instructions where we specifically address this issue.


"How quickly are orders shipped?"

99% of the time orders are shipped within 24 - 48 hours after you order (not including weekends). On rare occasions, such as around holidays and other very busy times, orders can take up to about 7 days to ship. But again, this is rare as we take pride in shipping orders very quickly.


Which shipping company do you use and why?"

We ship by UPS within the USA.

They deliver on time

They always provide a shipping tracking number

Shipments can be tracked 24 hours a day


"What is your return policy?"

You may return any unused item within 30 days of the original delivery date. Refunds are issued promptly and in the same manner in which you paid.


"I have a question that isn't listed"

You may contact us with any questions you have by phone at: 404-307-7151, 7 days a week OR by using our convenient online contact form.